Clarity for the Topsy turvy

Some days are begun with energetic and vibrant composure. Those times, everything glides that way we’ve always wanted-smoothly. Routines are much relaxing and soothing atmosphere embraces the self. It feels you’re living in a bubble; it will continue that way forever. No! You’d never expect the bubble to burst all of a sudden neither would the world tilt from an unbalanced position at a blink of an eye.

Come to think of it, one minute there’s the feeling of content;less tension with utmost satisfaction. Then, the unexpected happens- it shakes every muscle. Every cell can tell – something had gone terribly wrong. Only the ‘prepared’ won’t bear the magnitude of the pain and tension when ‘it’ slams into them. The ‘prepared’ know sometimes it’s rough, sometimes it’s dark but sometimes it’s smooth, sometimes it’s clear. So, they are aware whatever the situation, the other shoe will undoubtedly drop unexpectedly. Though, prepared they might be shaken to the core because their world has changed its course catching them unawares. However, the ‘prepared’ very easily pick up the pieces in no less time.

Do they allow the moment of weakness pull their progress to a stop? No! They shake off the fear, tension with other less constructive feelings and charge forward. How is that possible, one might ask? That’s because the ‘prepared’ understand that – the road block doesn’t mean ‘No Way’. What it means is to change your course or direction to get to the next level of life. They understand- to achieve Everything worthwhile, you have to keep on keeping on. Letting that moment of weakness stop you, amounts to acknowledging the silent unwanted whisperings. Focusing on the moments of trials, dedicating all energy on the topsy-turvy of life equals living a life of mediocrity.

Yes, the going gets tough but it’s only the tough that gets going. Every difficulty is there to mould you into a stronger person. Your reaction towards it will determine if the result of the trial is More Strength or More Weakness. Moments of loss in one aspect of life are inevitable. Know this and know peace. What matters is your response.

One good turn deserves another

One Good Turn Deserves Another
When Mr James crossed to the other side of the road that day, he never knew his world is about to take a new turn. Rushing to meet up with his five o’clock shift, he ran into an approaching car. The driver slammed on the brakes a second too late, Mr James had been hit and laid unconscious on the ground. Sympathizers nearby ran towards the scene of the accident. The shell shocked driver managed to step out of his car hoping desperately that the victim is not too hurt.
Some moments later, Mr James found himself in a hospital with deep cuts, bruises and leg fracture. The driver was seated on his side watching helplessly, however his face lit up when he saw the victim open his eyes. The doctor checked his vitals and advised him to gave enough rest to have a speedy recovery. The driver, Engr. Chris had settled the hospital bills as soon as he could. He was a sharp-looking middle aged man who manages his company. He had resigned to his fate and was determined to see that the accident victim regain consciousness and would be okay in due time.
Unknown to him, the victim was once a taxi driver who had gave him a much needed ride the day he was to get some vital drugs for his critically ill mother in the outskirts of the town. Mr James, then a taxi driver had driven into the hospital to drop off a passenger that particular night. Mr Chris begged him desperately while he explained his plight to which Mr James did selflessly.
Twelve years later, fate has brought Mr James to Engr. Chris who had been tirelessly searching for the then taxi driver to repay him. Had he refused to help that night, he would not have been able to get the drugs for his mother within the short time given to him.
Mr James? Asked Engr. Chris shocked, looking at his accident victim with disbelieving eyes. Incredible! What are you doing here? Or were the one who hit me with your car? Inquired Mr James. Engr. Chris with a sober look, apologized profusely to him. He got to know how life has changed for better for him. However,some years ago things began to worsen. He had a great deal of difficulties confronting him. All had been because he was financially incapacitated. Pen for inner struggles
‘Don’t worry, you a man of worth and value. I shall help you with all your financial difficulties.’ Engr. Chris promised while he pulled a bundle of new notes from his pocket and gave them to Mr James. The poor man got teary eyes expressed his gratitude to God and his benefactor. ‘You need not thank me Mr James, one good turn deserves another.’

Nurture that You’re Gifted with Your Tongue

It’s a blissful morning!
To Mothers!
You Are Awesome, Extraordinarily Wonderful, Super Amazing!
Today, I want you to remember that beautiful day. Remember the difficulties you went through- the veins, muscles, bones, every part of your body seem to be at war! It feels like they are breaking, dividing, smashing against one another forcefully. You feel nothing but excruciating, wonderful, mind blowing pains.
When you think it was over, another wave and torrent slammed you back to earth. And Alas! He / she pops out greeting you with a loud cry. You stared at that extraordinarily amazing little one that has just came out of you! You feel a lot of emotions at a time- overjoyed, fulfillment, protectiveness. The pains now long forgotten. You Are Now A Mother.
Mother, when you want to plant a beautiful rose in your garden, after tilling the soil, scooping out the dirt, you turned to pick the rose and discovered with annoyance that some dirt have poured on it. What do you do? Do you curse at it? Do you damn it to hell? Do you get a stick to beat it? Do you destroy it with anything you lay your hands on? No! The answer is No!
So Mother, that your child is displaying unruly behaviours today does not mean you do the above. That your child is misbehaving does not mean you insult and curse him. Do not do that!
You gave birth to a wonderful soul God has blessed you with. Why then, through your gifted tongue curse them for life?
Use your heightened emotions from frustration to pray for them, pronounce something positive into their lives, proclaim that good thing you want them to become.
Whenever, the impulse comes to curse at them Mother, hold yourself back, let positive thoughts come to your mind, visualize how they have changed for better in your mind. Mother, picture in your mind how these beautiful souls of yours have become successful!
Sure, it is a world of duality; up and down, left and right, hot and cold, dark and light. However, when you think positive thoughts and say them to your amazing child, you get nothing But positivity in return.

Underestimate not! That which can ease the negativity

‘ Leave me alone! How is it your business,Mr I-know-it-all?’ Getting annoyed at the spoilt brat, she attempted to stand up and walk away. Then,she realised the tiny and pricking sensations in her left foot. She looked at it in dismay, it’s been asleep for much longer than usual. Paraesthesia has crept on her. It’s unsurprising that it had, she has sat down for God’s know how long writing repeated lines of ‘ cleaning up my room must be my first priority’ in a notebook. The punishment was meted out by her mother and her brother seem to enjoy teasing her about it.   Nineteen year old Hadna walked very fast down the street, irritated and hungry, her toes pinched in her tight shoes, sweat dripping down her back. The sun was  out in its full glory. ‘ Can you help me lift my wares on my head?’ a small, strained voice asked. A look of plea on her face. Hadna almost missed her request. She walked a few paces back. ‘What did you say?’ asked Hadna. The poor woman wiped the sweat running down her face with a dirty piece of fabric while repeating her request. Hadna nearly hissed. A tiny voice at the back of her mind made her think twice. ‘ Suppose you find yourself in this difficult condition as hers, could you have looked down on anyone? Watch your actions Hadna, the voice intoned. The feelings of remorse and pity thugged at her heart. Smiling politely, she bent to help lift the basket full of yams together on her head. The poor elderly woman profusely expressed her gratitude with prayers. At that exact moment, that little act of kindness brought a beautiful feeling of satisfaction in her. Her soul has lightened its heavy burdens. A big, bright smile on her face, tension- filled muscles relaxed, springy steps,she walked on with the ease of a ballet dancer. 

Live By the principle of gratitude

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you. ” ― Walt Whitman

Above all Ilze, let the feeling of gratitude manifest in abundance, embrace it, flow with it. Those days, you allow the feeling of gratitude wash over you Ilze, your whole being feel less burdensome, you’ve got bouncy steps, you radiate inner glow. You ooze self satisfaction and content. Peace is the word you feel. Then, Ilze, your eyes are gleamy with genuine cheer!

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